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The first thing you think when you look at the Walser Schtuba is that this place has a soul. And this soul is warm, real and sincere.

In this Inn there’s a small restaurant which induces meditation and contemplation, where the Sormani family have courageously  founded a retreat at 1800 metres in the surrealistic basin of Riale.

The way of life and culture started by the Walser precursors in 1200 have genetically awakened the will to live and exist at this altitude.

Our kitchen

A stool with a book on top
A skateboard
A book on a table

Our room

The Walser Schtuba is a gourmand retreat which mixes tradition and creativeness...

Our rooms

Tradition and elegance ...

The sophistication of materials...

29/5000 Great detail of detail ...

There's nothing left to touch...

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Località Riale - 28863 Formazza (VB)
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